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Find Your Next Job in Silicon Harbor

Silicon Harbor Jobs is the best way to land your next job in Charleston’s fast-growing tech scene. Our connection to local employers gives you the direct route to their hiring managers, full job listings, and the exact requirements they’re looking for you so you can personalize your application. It also means you’ll have access to exclusive opportunities and content that won’t show up elsewhere.

Laser-Focused Job Search

Our laser-focused job search takes you straight to Charleston-based, industry-specific jobs so you won’t have to dig through irrelevant job listings. You can easily narrow them down to those that best cater to who you are as well as your skillset and qualifications. Use our Job Map to help you find openings exactly where you want your next job to be.

Get To Know The Employers

No more hunting down company websites and digging through their career pages. Our company spotlights give you a look inside the companies who are hiring. Find out what makes them unique through rich media and content that highlights their team, culture, core values, perks and more to determine if they’re the right fit— all in one spot with their job openings.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Be the big fish in a small pond. Our applicant pool is more focused than a larger, general job board, so you likely won’t be competing against a thousand other candidates. We’ll give you the best shot at getting maximum exposure with local employers and to stand out among a sea of job seekers. Create your personal profile and get even more exposure in our upcoming Candidate feature.

Never Miss Your Opportunity

Now that we’ve narrowed down the job search for you, you don’t have to spend all day looking at job boards. Simply set up daily or weekly job alerts to be notified when new jobs matching your specific criteria appear and free up your time for other parts of the job hunt. Sign up to our newsletter to receive notifications when new companies come on the scene or current ones expanding, as well as when networking opportunities are nearby so you can make your next connection.