Find your next hire with our hyperlocal platform.

Hyperlocal Focus

Our hyperlocal platform is laser-focused on showcasing job opportunities featuring tech companies in Charleston, South Carolina. This approach allows you to easily target— and be more visible to— an audience of candidates interested in working in your specific location and industry.

Boost Recruiting Efforts

Through our network of websites, podcast, local partnerships and distribution channels for Charleston tech content, you’ll boost your recruiting efforts where your candidates are looking. In addition to our jobs site, your job postings will be promoted throughout Silicon Harbor Magazine alongside relevant content, social media, and tech-focused events.

Increase Brand Awareness

More than a job board, we aim to highlight employers. We’ll work with you to build your employer brand to attract active and passive job seekers in our audience. Utilize our company spotlight pages and marketing channels to stand out and promote your culture, core values, perks, and uniqueness to candidates and find the best fit.

Target the Most Qualified Candidates

Whether you’re looking to fill an in-demand skillset or hard-to-fill vacancy, a higher caliber of candidates will find your openings easier and you’ll filter out unqualified applicants faster. Through our focused audience, we’ll attract a higher concentration of job seekers who are the most qualified, experienced, and passionate about their careers.

Tailored Experience

Our close connection with Charleston’s tech scene allows us to custom tailor our platform specifically for Charleston’s workforce and employers. We’ll personally work closely with you to understand the specific requirements you are seeking and customize your branding, job openings, and promotion to your unique needs. We’ll also leverage our jobseeker database to attract candidates with your tailored message.