Since launching in 2014, readers have come to trust Silicon Harbor Magazine as the premier digital media source focused on Charleston, South Carolina’s exploding tech scene, known as Silicon Harbor.

From budding entrepreneurs and startups, companies who started in Charleston and grew to bigger things, guest posts from tech leaders in the community, and the big stories on the key acquisitions, exits, and partnerships—we’ve given you access. Our audience has quickly grown beyond Charleston as our tech scene continues to gain national attention.

During our journey, we asked our audience how else we could provide value to the community? You’ve had one resounding request—JOBS. It’s no secret that there is a growing demand for tech talent in Charleston, and that will only increase over the next several years as jobs are projected to expand by the thousands. These positions will require not only those who specialize in tech, but the many support positions that help keep these companies running.

To answer this need, we’ve launched — an open, membership-free, hyperlocal job board entirely laser-focused on connecting the best candidates with jobs in Charleston’s tech, startup, and creative scene.

More than a job board, we’re also highlighting the employers—their culture, core values, perks and benefits, workspaces and accolades via rich media and content—all so candidates can get to know the companies they’re applying for and find the best fit.

Find out more about how can help you make your next connection, whether you’re a Job Seeker or Employer.

Need help finding a job? Ready to get your company featured? We’re here to help. Reach out to us.